Archive Box Destruction

We assure you that your personal information is safe and secure with us.

ShredFinder simplifies the process of archive box destruction by comparing prices and connecting you with trusted shredding service providers.

Secure Archive Box Destruction

At SecuraBags, they offer Archive Box Destruction Services that grant peace of mind and eliminate worries about data breaches or the mishandling of confidential documents.

Choose the number of archive boxes you need to securely destroy

Prices are based on standard Archive box measurements:
32 cm W x 46cm D x 26cm H.

Transport fee may be apply

  • The service gets booked.
  • They pick up the archive boxes.
  • Transport them in a secure GPS tracked vehicle.
  • Securely destroying the archive boxes and its contents.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is included.

Whether your office is transitioning locations or you’re in need of bulk shredding for archived materials that have outlived their purpose, Secura Bags is here to assist. Our services encompass the secure pickup and shredding of archive boxes, regardless of the quantity or size. Trust Secura Bags to efficiently manage your shredding needs, freeing up valuable storage space while maintaining security every step of the way.

The process is as follows:

Archive Box Destruction

Between 6 to 20



Between 21 to 50

Between 51 to ∞



Min quantity is 6

Total Price Boxes:

Optimise your office space and financial resources with SecuraBags. Instead of cluttering your workspace with unnecessary document boxes or paying for storage, consider creating room for a new salesperson who can boost your profits. If you’re contemplating discarding archived documents, don’t just toss them out or send them to a paper recycler – that’s risky and insecure. Safeguard sensitive personal and company information by partnering with a shredding company like SecuraBags. Stay compliant with national privacy regulations while saving money in the process.

Shredding Bins to Fill On-Site

* P/Bin incl GST

To Fill On-Site


In today’s information-driven world, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. Confidential paper shredding is a critical step in ensuring the security of your business or personal information. At Intershred, They offer comprehensive One-Off Shredding Service that guarantee the protection of your confidential documents.