Secure E-Waste Disposal

Ensure secure and eco-friendly E-Waste disposal with our expert services.

At ShredFinder, we recognise the critical importance of secure E-Waste disposal and data destruction for businesses. Our platform streamlines the entire process, allowing you to effortlessly compare options, prices, and reviews all in one place.

E-waste Disposal


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Eshred offers secure and affordable electronic waste and fabric destruction services. Whether you have old hard drives on hand from years ago, or obsolete mobile phones, printers, clothes and more – all these things could potentially hold valuable data which would otherwise remain exposed if not properly disposed of via shredding.

E-Waste Disposal
E-Waste Disposal

Clothing, X-Ray & Plastic Cards Destruction

X ray disposal. If you have unwanted x-rays or plastic cards that you need to get rid of, our x-ray Destruction and disposal service is the perfect solution. We offer a convenient, easy and affordable way to destroy these items so they can be properly recycled.
Our service is available throughout Australia, so no matter where you are, we can help you get rid of your unwanted x-rays and plastic cards. Contact us today to learn more about our service or to schedule a pick-up.


* P/Archive Box. Inc. GST