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Shredding Service – The 6 Benefits It Provides For Your Business

Secure Shredding Services

Welcome to ShredFinder – Your One-Stop Comparison Platform for Shredding Services in Australia! If you’re considering the switch to a professional shredding service but haven’t quite convinced yourself yet, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore six compelling reasons why partnering with a shredding service like Blue-Pencil is a game-changer for your business.

2 in 1 Shredding & Recycling Program:

When you choose ShredFinder for your document destruction needs, you’re not just ensuring security; you’re also contributing to a greener planet. Our shredding partner, Blue-Pencil, operates a comprehensive recycling program. All shredded materials are recycled and processed into eco-friendly products, helping you play a role in environmental sustainability. And the cherry on top – for every 200 pounds of paper shredded and recycled, you save one tree!

Stay Compliant With Privacy Laws:

Privacy laws in Australia, like the Privacy ACT, govern how to handle private and confidential information. Working with a professional shredding service company helps ensure compliance and avoids potential legal problems. Most employees may not be well-versed in these laws, and errors could lead to information leaks. By entrusting a reputable shredding service, you safeguard your business against legal complications.

Improve Document Security:

Information breaches are on the rise, and your company accumulates a significant amount of private and confidential information over time. Professional shredding services are the best way to ensure secure destruction and disposal of this information. Options like on-site shredding provide added security by allowing you to witness the destruction process, ensuring all your information stays confidential.

Increase Employee Productivity:

Collaborating with a shredding company can boost employee productivity. Instead of spending valuable work time operating shredding machines, employees can focus on more critical responsibilities. Industrial shredders used by professional services are efficient and can handle large volumes of paper in a short time. External shredding services, such as Blue-Pencil, can complete the work within one hour, freeing up your employees to concentrate on essential tasks.

Save Money:

Many businesses worry about the costs associated with external shredding services. However, in-house shredding has its own hidden costs, including employee time, machine breakdowns, paper jams, and potential safety hazards. Shredding machines can be expensive to purchase and maintain. With a shredding service provider, you pay only for the service, eliminating the need for costly equipment purchases and maintenance. This not only saves money but also provides peace of mind.

Automate Your Office:

Incorporating a professional shredding service into your business not only ensures the secure destruction of confidential information but also brings about environmental benefits, compliance with privacy laws, improved document security, increased employee productivity, cost savings, and the convenience of automation through services like ShredFinder. Make the smart choice for your business by prioritizing the security and efficiency offered by shredding service providers.

Introducing ShredFinder – a company that offers the convenience of local shredding services for secure document disposal. Discover the ease of automating your office’s document disposal process by comparing options, prices, and reviews all in one place. Save time and effort with ShredFinder, allowing you to streamline your document management with confidence.

Secure Shredding Services



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